Delivering fantastic results for clients throughout the UK (and a few overseas)

We have developed and refined highly effective in-house methodologies to make the benefits of digital marketing available to small and medium-sized businesses that may lack the in-house expertise.

Search engine optimisation

The principles of SEO are pretty simple when explained properly. Our straight-talking team loves to debunk myths and simply do things the right way. Our advice is simple – if you’re paying for SEO services but are not entirely sure what they’re doing or why, stop now. Call us.

No smoke. No mirrors. No tie-ins.

Come to 9:55 Creative for your SEO services and enjoy total visibility over what we do and why. You’ll get a clear report every month showing the impact we’ve had on your rankings. What’s more, we won’t tie you in to a contract. If we’re getting results, we think you’ll stay with us. Simple.

In harmony with Google’s algorithms

Google’s business model is based around delivering great search results, so it stands to reason the best long-term SEO strategy is to focus on “being a great search result”. That’s what we do. That’s what makes us different. That’s why what we do works.

Social media marketing

Social media is still the most misunderstood marketing discipline. The 9:55 team helps you get the best out of it, because we recognise it for what it is – the most laser-targeted, supercharged, and cost-effective advertising environment available.

“Is social media right for us?”

Yes. Any business with customers who use the internet can benefit from social media marketing.

Finesse meets expertise and generates awesome results

Executed properly, social can take your message to thousands of customers and prospects for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. But it takes finesse.

The 9:55 experts have many years’ experience at targeted social media activity. We split test, we try things, we refine, we exploit the sophisticated tools available within the various social platforms. We get results.

Content marketing

Quality content is integral to SEO and the cornerstone upon which the best social media campaigns are built. The key is to be helpful and informative. Share insights. Answer queries. Pre-empt sales objections. Discuss trends. Be interesting.

Making your life easier

The 9:55 team makes content marketing available to those without the requisite time, inclination or in-house resources. We get to know your business, your industry and customer base. We work with you to develop a content strategy.

Our talented copywriters create well-researched content. We add it to your website, make it look wonderful, and share it with the world.

PPC management

Google Ads is an insanely powerful marketing tool, but it’s easy to waste money. Our teams have been working these channels for years, and will help you get a fast return on your marketing budget.

Google AdWords management Suffolk

Google AdWords

At face value it’s simple, but getting the most out of Google AdWords requires time and expertise. That’s where we help – we’ll develop custom campaign strategies and targeted ads tailored to your needs. We’ll also set the right budgets and bids strategies, and optimise, monitor, and refine your campaigns for the best results.

Talk to the team that makes things happen.

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Design & branding

Modern graphic solutions for a wide range of independent and corporate clients

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Website design

Our bespoke website design process ensures you get the website that is right for you

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Combining great design with proven, robust and sophisticated e-commerce software

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Taking a refined approach to public relations and database marketing services

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