9:55 is a small marketing and design agency. We don’t operate heavy machinery, nor do we manufacture. We work from modern offices with LED lighting and air-source heating powered (in the main) by a new solar PV installation installed by our landlords. Our carbon footprint is therefore pretty small – but that’s not to say we can’t do more. We are committed to making our working life sustainable and minimising our impact on the planet, and every little bit counts.

As a team we have agreed to the following
environmental action plan:

Action How we will measure / evidence
Buying second-hand is often a more sustainable option. We will always consider second hand when making equipment and furniture purchases. To keep supporting records on file
We will make it policy to make equipment last, and repair rather than replace. To keep supporting records on file
Face-to-face meetings are very important to our business. However, wherever possible we will make use of skype and/or public transport over car use. To keep supporting records on file. To measure and monitor business mileage.
Couriers – to prioritise use of couriers with a positive environmental policy To review keep a record on file
Commercial printing – to check on the sustainability policies of the printers that we use To review with our suppliers and keep a record on file
Commercial printing projects – to ensure we always offer sustainable options, such as FCS paper and/or recycled stock. To review with our suppliers
Commercial printing projects – to make it our policy to advise clients to print in smaller volumes if suitable (“just print what you need”) to keep waste to a minimum To keep a record of evidence
To support and facilitate flexible working for staff, such as working from home, to prevent unnecessary commuting. To document this policy. To ensure that future IT equipment purchases support this.
To make sustainable purchasing decisions – such as FSC or recyclable paper / note pads, Fair Trade coffee, recyclable parcel tape etc To keep a record of evidence
To ensure we recycle – cardboard can be recycled on site and what little else we generate can be taken home and placed in the blue bin To document this policy
To support the Carbon Charter initiative (and other similar initiatives such as www.certified-sustainable.co.uk) by recommending to contacts, and engaging/supporting on social media To keep records of when we do this
To ask our suppliers to send paperwork – invoices, statements etc – electronically where possible. To document this policy
To make it documented company policy to be mindful of unnecessary energy use, by turning off lights when not needed, keeping heating on a low setting, not overfilling the kettle, turning equipment off when not in use etc. To document this policy

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